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Notching Guide



notching guide

This system provides a continuous series of numbers from 1 to 799.
A single notch is clipped at the positions required to build each number, for example:
- notches at 1 and 3 = 4
- notches at 1, 3, 5, 30 and 200 = 239
- notches at 2, 5, 10, 200 and 400 = 617
The 400 notch must be placed in the middle of the LEFT ear only

Notches at 1 and 2 do not equal 3. Use notch position 3.
Notches at 2 and 3 do not equal 5. Use notch position 5.
The 400 hole must be placed in the LEFT EAR only.

If you do not wish to use the 400 notch you may number from 1-399 and then return to number 1 using a supplementary letter suffix starting with the letter A printed next to your HDL on the ear tag and then so on through the alphabet.
e.g. 1-399; 1A - 399A; 1B-399B etc.

If you DO NOT wish to notch then you may apply to the BPA to use a double tagging system instead.
Please note these pigs may NOT be shown at BPA acredited shows or those held under BPA rules and may therefore prevent the sale if the purchaser wishes to show the pig.