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Standards of Excellence

Section A:  To be eligible for Herdbook entry a pig must (except in exceptional circumstances) be:-

      - bred in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland
      - have at least 12 sound teats
      - ear-marked and birth recorded with the BPA in accordance with current regulations
        - the offspring of parents already registered either in the Herdbook of the same breed (or in a supplementary register of the Herd book maintained at
        BPA's discretion)
      - free from congenital defects (eg Umbilical and Scrotal Hernias, Atresia Ani (blind anus), Cryptorchid boars, extra cleys, twisted, overshot or
      undershot jaw or rose on the back) - conform to any other such regulations as made by the BPA Council from time to time.

In exceptional circumstances a pig which does not fulfill the criteria above may be accepted for herdbook registration following an inspection.

Breed Specific Requirements for Herdbook Registration

EARS  Carried Forward 
COLOUR        Black and white with a continuous belt of white hair encircling the shoulders and fore legs.  White is permissable on nose, tip of the tail and the hind legs but no higher than the hock. 

Breed Specific Disqualificiations
which make the pig ineligible for Herdbook Registration


An animal not possessing a continuous belt of white hair over the shoulders and fore legs.
Chocolate or red coloured.
White hair on the face or body outside the band over the shoulders and fore legs and tip of tail. 


Section B: Standards of Excellence - these are recommendations only.  Breeders should try to achieve these standards in their breeding programmes.  Pigs will be judged against these standards of excellence at BPA shows.

HEAD Medium length, face very slightly dished, undejaw clean-cut and free from jowl.  Medium width between ears.
EARS Medium size, carried forward, curving but not obscuring vision.
NECK Clean and of medium length.
SHOULDERS Medium width, free from coarseness, not too deep.
CHEST Wide and not too deep.
BACK Long and straight.
LOIN Broad and strong and free from slackness.
RIBS Well sprung.
SIDES Long and medium depth.
HAMS Broad, full and well-filled to the hocks.
UNDERLINE Straight with at least twelve sound, evenly spaced and well-placed teats starting well forward.
LEGS Strong with good bone, straight, well-set on each corner of the body.
FEET Strong and of good size.
COAT Fine, silky and straight.
ACTION Firm and free.

Breed Specific Objections - breeders should try to avoid these in their breeding programmes

EARS Pricked or floppy.
HEAD            Badger face, short or turned up snout.
SKIN Coarse or wrinkled.
HAIR Curly or coarse coat, coarse mane.
TEATS Unsound or unevenly placed teats.


Pigs must comply with Section A.  Breeders should aspire to breed pigs which meet the Standards of Excellence in Section B.

More information is available in the BPA leaflet - The First Steps