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BSBC Competitions & Awards

The BSBC hosts it's own personal awards including Breed Championship Rosettes at many BPA accredited, BPA affiliated and local shows around the country:-

The Wylie Turnball Shield

For young people promoting the Saddleback breed

BSBC members under the age of 18 may enter. The ideal entry is a photo and a short description of the young person's Saddleback activities. For younger entrants a drawing or painting may be entered with some words describing the picture.  A team of committee members selects the winner, which is announced at the AGM.

The "BSBC MEMBERS" Pig of the Year & The Hersham Perpetual Trophy

This is a points based system where wins at certain shows accrue points. The points are per pig not per breeder and the winner is announced at the AGM. A form is sent out to all paid up members before the AGM for submission to the show secretary.

THE BSBC Champion of Champions 2024 & The BPA Herdsman Cup

Championship winners from around the country qualify to be judged as the Champion of Champions.

The Ashton Bowl

The BPA award the Ashton Bowl for the breeder (not pig) accumulating the most points at certain BPA accredited shows.